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Cruise Ship Schedule

Cruise Ship




NG Explorer  14 May 2019Lindbald ExpeditionsKilronan, Aran Islands
NG Explorer  14 May 2019Lindbald ExpeditionsInis Oirr, Aran Islands
Silver Cloud  20 May 2019Silver SeasKilronan, Aran Islands
Astor  20 May 2019Cruise & Maritime VoyagesGalway
Nautica  23 June 2019Oceania CruisesGalway
Nautica  1 July 2019Oceania CruisesGalway
Seabourn Quest  6 July 2019Seabourn Cruise lineGalway
Berlin  19 July 2019FTI CruisesGalway
Silver Wind  16 August 2019Silver SeasGalway
Artania  25 August 2019Phoenix-ReisenGalway
Le Dumont d’Urville  2 September 2019Companie du PonantInis Meain, Aran Islands
Le Dumont d’Urville  3 September 2019Companie du PonantGalway
Vasco Da Gama  5 September 2019Cruise & Maritime VoyagesGalway
Black Watch  6 September 2019Fred OlsenGalway
Silver Wind  15 May 2020Silver SeasGalway
Silver Cloud  25 May 2020Silver SeasGalway
Silver Cloud  26 May 2020Silver SeasKilronan, Aran Islands
Azamara Pursuit  31 May 2020Azamara Club CruisesGalway
Europa  4 July 2020Hapag LloydGalway
Nautica  6 July 2020Renaissance CruisesGalway
Nautica  17 July 2020Renaissance CruisesGalway
Artania  2 August 2020Phoenix-ReisenGalway
Azamara Quest  3 September 2020Azamara Club CruisesGalway
Spirit of Discovery  10 September 2020Saga CruisesGalway
Le Surville  16 September 2020Companie du PonantGalway
Nautica  2 October 2020Renaissance CruisesGalway
Black Watch  26 May 2021Fred OlsenGalway
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