Port of Galway Harbour Marina

City Marine Leisure Facility

The Galway Harbour Company operates a 31 berth pontoon marina in the confines of the Port of Galway. An additional 9 berths are available along a 60 metre pontoon/walkway.  Freshwater and electrical power is available at the pontoons. Power cards can be obtained from the Harbour office and also from bar/restaurant “Dock No.1” located on Dock Road.

A number of visitor pontoons are available for hire during the summer.  Sailors who intend to make a visit to the marina should first make contact with the Harbour Office to determine if a berth is available.  This is advisable as demand for berthage is high. There is a minimum vessel length of 10 metres for the marina.

Crane Lift T&Cs for Boat & YACHT LIFTS
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The following charges exist at the pontoons for Leisure Craft:

Annual Fee€300 per metreM1

Winter Lay Up

(1st October – 31st March)

€170 per metreM2
Monthly Fee€38 per metreM3
Weekly Fee€12 per metreM4
Daily Fee€2 per metreM5

The above fee includes water, garbage & VAT @ 23%

Port of Galway Harbour Marina Sunset

Leisure Craft

Small craft moorings are no longer available for small leisure craft due to the ever-increasing size of commercial ships and swinging these ships in the confines of the tidal basin requires that small craft can no longer moor along the quay wall.

Electricity units are located at the marina and are charged at 10kwh=€3 and 50kwh=€13 and cards can be purchased from the Harbour Office.

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Sea Angling/Pleasure Trip/Survey Craft

(Craft with a valid Passenger Boat Licence)

Length (m)AnnualCode
< 11m€495C1
11 – 25m€715C2

Inshore Commercial Fishing Craft

Length (m)AnnualCode
< 11m€400F1
11 – 20m€525F2

Commercial Fishing / Trawlers

Length (m)AnnualCode
< 25m€900CF1
> 25m€1,500CF2

Booking and prior approval from the Harbour Master is required before arrival.

Port of Galway Harbour Marina Seafest

Any vessel laid up, abandoned in the Port or vessels that have ceased trading will incur a weekly rate of €500.

Passenger Ferry Dues / Landing Craft / Vessels in for repair / survey / layup will be levied at €3 per metre per day and with advanced agreement of the Harbour Master.

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