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Sir Roger Moore and the Port of Galway

It was with the sad passing of the Hollywood A-lister Roger Moore that has remembered the connection with Sir Roger and the Port of Galway. Of course, his role as 007 is what we remember most but he was here, stayed at the Great Southern and ate a lot of the time at Moran’s Oyster Cottage!

In 1979, the town was almost overrun with camera crews, directors, make up, lighting, sound and all that goes with making a movie.  The Port was ‘mocked’ up to look like a Port in Norway for what was to become a major movie called “North Sea Hijack“.

Originally, the movie had a working title of “Ester, Ruth and Jennifer”. Ester being the supply ship, Ruth being the Oil Drilling Rig and Jennifer being the Production Platform.

James Mason and Anthony Perkins were part of the line up in the movie.

Unfortunately, the reviews weren’t great for North Sea Hijack but hey, Galway had fun while we were centre stage!