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Sunrise Sailing in the Docks
Dock days

The Yacht “Roamer” takes centre stage in this most wonderful video of sailing on Galway Bay.

Roamer, a regular resident in the marina in Galway is seen slipping her mooring in the early hours to the rustic reflections of the Dockgate Offices and sailing in very lights airs off Mutton Island.  The iconic Leveret Light, dew over the yachts coachroof, the almost oily sea all play to a wonderful blend of music, scenery, sailing and that sense of freedom one gets when at sea.

Galway Bay is the Blue Playground and Galway’s greatest amenity.  The Bay meets the needs of the swimmers, the rowers, the fishermen, the sand castle makers, the winkle pickers, the scientists, the ships, the sailors, the kayakers, the paddle boarders, wind-surfers and kite-surfers, the seals, the dolphins, the swans, the birds, the promenade walkers.

It seems that Galway Bay fulfills and meets so much of our daily lives.  Let’s look after it.

The video is ace!

Film by Ciaran Villanueva Cinematics