Port of Galway Jurisdiction

The Galway Pilotage District includes the waters of the Bay of Galway within an imaginary line drawn from Golam Head to the Western Point of the Aran Islands and thence to Hags Head in County Clare.

The Pilotage area is divided into the Outer Pilotage district where Pilotage is optional and the Inner Pilotage district where Pilotage is compulsory. There are a number of exceptions for ships greater in length of 60m and greater than 400GT bound to/from the harbours in Kilronan and Rossaveel,  where pilotage is compulsory.

The latter district being from the waters of the bay of Galway which lie Eastwards of an imaginary line drawn from Kilcolgan Point to the point of intersection of latitude 53° 14.70′ N and longitude 009° 03.45′ W, and thence to the Western end of the dock gates at Galway, and including the waters of Galway Dock.

Galway is also the pilotage authority for vessels bound to any ports in the above jurisdiction including Rossaveel and Kiloronan. Masters requesting pilotage services should do so through their agent not less than 24 hours before hand. The pilotage Authority limits are shown on British Admiratly Chart 3339.

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