Port of Galway Parking

Galway Harbour Company Parking Options

1. GHC Contract Car Park

2. Indoor Hourly Car Park

3. Outdoor Hourly Car Park

4. On Street Parking

5. On Street Parking

Pay on Foot Parking (Barrier)

Galway Harbour Company has pay on foot parking totalling 257 spaces, 102 of which are covered (areas 2 and 3). These car parks are fully automated “pay on foot” and are operated by the Harbour Company. The pay-machines can accept coins, and notes.

  • Hourly Rate is €2.00 per hour (and every part thereof)

Please contact  087 9772033  for details regarding hourly and on street parking queries.

On Street Parking

The company also operates “on street” parking, 120 spaces approx. (areas 4 and 5). These state-of-the-art pay-machines allow payment by coin or credit/debit card and contactless pay using Wi-Fi. Current charge is €2.20 per hour.

Only tickets purchased from Galway Harbour Company “pay & display” machines in this area are valid. Vehicles that do not display a valid or an expired parking ticket will be clamped. Release fee €85.

Port of Galway Parking Harbour Car Park

Contract Car Parking

The Company also operates a 260 space contract car park (area 1). Car park spaces may be booked annually (€660), bi-annually (€330), quarterly (€165) or monthly (€60). The permit holder has his/her own designated parking space which is valid for a 7 day week.

Please contact 091 561874 for details details regarding contract car parking options.

Access our Online Parking Permit Facility, where you can pre-book and pay for your car parking at any of our facilities:

Aran Island Ferries Parking

We are delighted to be working with Aran Island Ferries to provide parking to accommodate day trips to the Islands. Parking is only available by pre-booking online using this facility. You will be required to provide the vehicle registration number of the vehicle you intend parking.

The car park barrier system is operated by vehicle registration number recognition and will automatically provide access to visitors having pre-booked their space online using this pre-booking service. It is essential you provide the correct vehicle registration number during booking. Failing to do so will result in you being unable to gain access to the carpark.

Access our Online Parking Permit Facility, where you can pre-book and pay for your car parking while visiting the Aran Islands:

Important Notice

  • All vehicles parked entirely at the owner’s/driver’s risk.

  • Neither the proprietor nor the manager have any liability for loss, mis-deliverance of for any damage to any vehicle or its contents.

  • If you do not accept the terms and conditions applicable, you may drive directly to the exit and immediately leave the car park.

  • Full terms and conditions are available in the car park and are on display at the entrance of the car park.

  • If you lose your ticket, there is a lost ticket function on Pay Machine 2 (right hand side), press the button, it will request you to pay €18 at which time it will issue a ticket to you to enable you to exit the car park.

If you have any queries contact the Port Offices at 091-561874