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Our vision for a Port of Galway redevelopment is simple. We want to ensure that the Port remains at the heart of Galway City’s economic and social development. Our commitment is to maintain and grow the contribution we make to the local economy in terms of employment and boosting tourism numbers through hosting national and international events such as the Volvo Ocean Race.

For our proposed redevelopment we are taking INSPIRATION from our proud past, adopting INNOVATION for our present circumstances in the hope of creating a lasting LEGACY for generations to come.

This report describes stages of the development and the proposed works to be undertaken at each stage as part of the proposed planning application, and the requirements they meet.

The planning application for the proposed New Port of Galway consists of 23.89 hectares of land reclamation. The development will extend 935m out to sea, providing 660m of quay berth to -12m Chart Datum (C.D.) depth, serviced by a -8m C.D. channel depth.

The development itself will consist of berthing facilities for general cargo vessels, oil tankers, passenger vessels, fishing vessels and container vessels. A western marina will be formed, providing 216 amenity berths. The development will also contain roll on/roll off facilities and berths for naval/research vessels. Also, breakwaters will be constructed as part of the proposed development to provide requisite shelter and craft stability while berthed.

New Port of Galway Redevelopment Land Reclamation

The land reclamation will include for the provision of harbour related sites for the following:

  • NHarbour management warehousing
  • NWaste export
  • NSteel import yard
  • NScrap metal yard
  • NLimestone yard
  • NOnshore wind turbine storage yard
  • NShip chandlers
  • NRoll on/roll off yard
  • NContainer yard
  • NProject Cargo - Ocean energy development & servicing
  • NBiomass storage and handling
  • NMarina promenade
  • NParklands
  • NRenmore Promenade


The development proposed as part of the planning application will allow the following to be available to Galway Harbour Company:

  • 23.89ha reclaimed as quays and back-up land and consolidated during construction and available for industries such as those listed in the introduction of this report.
  • -8m C.D. channel depth and a -8m C.D. depth, 400m diameter turning circle.
  • 660m of sheltered quays with berths of -12m C.D. depth
  • Western Marina with 216 berths.
  • Naval wharf, fishing pier and slipway.
  • Nautical centre slipway.
  • Freight rail link to enable freight and cargo to be efficiently transported to and from the harbour resulting in positive road traffic and environmental benefits.
  • Commercial port formed.


The above proposal meets the following requirements:

  • Sheltered quays and craft stability while berthed.
  • Rail requirement addressed in design from initial construction with consequent environmental benefits.
  • The implementation of sustainable practices in design, construction, operation and administration of the proposed port.
  • Removal of the current constraints restricting the size of vessels that can be received in Galway.
  • Remove oil vessels and oil terminal from the existing docks.


The new land area proposed in the planning application will provide the following area breakdowns in yards, quards, open space, etc:

Commercial port back up yard access 6.45ha
Commercial quay area 1.72ha
Harbour company warehouse and yard areas 1.53ha
Future oil and bitumen yards area 1.86ha
ESB & security yard & fire water storage area 1.08ha
Marina boat yard, quay & village areas 1.83ha
Fishing pier & yard area 0.55ha
Roads & access area 3.97ha
Rail line & embankment area 2.20ha
Nautical centre & slipway area 0.82ha
Passenger terminal yard area 0.34ha
Landscaped area 5.44ha
Wave wall area 0.28ha
Total new land use 28.07ha
(entails 23.89ha of new land)